• Quality lifestyle begins with Aqua Angels

    Unique glacier water in returnable glass barrels directly delivered to your home and office


Benefits of water delivery to home and office

Time saving

Do not waste your time for searching safe and clean water

Flexible delivery schedule

No need to carry heavy bottles! We deliver your order any time and any place

Continuous water stock

You never forget drinking regime during the day, as the main source of bodycare will always be with you

Quality and safety

Thanks to the glass packaging, Aqua Angels water comes to you in its original form and taste.

Cost savings

Orders with an amount of more than 50 € are delivered for free of charge

Aqua Angels water has a unique composition




Alkaline water with (~ pH 8.8)

The natural alkaline level of Aqua Angels water is 60 times higher than neutral alkaline value 7. Such uniquely highly alkaline composition is created by natural filtering of the water through alkaline volcanic rocks.


Mineralization level (~ 59 mg/l)

Low mineralized water does not overload the body. Due to light composition of Aqua Angels, hydration is easier and more pleasant. It is just a perfect complement even to the lightest food as it does not affect its taste.


Oxygen molecules (~ 8.5 mg/l)

Glacier melted water has a high content of free or dissolved molecular oxygen which supports immediate revitalisation of organism.

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