Water is transported around the world in many different ways. The concept of direct supply of Aqua Angels water is based on a technologically modern international transport of water. The advantage of this sophisticated disposable bag is its ability to isolate the water temperature even over long distances. Another advantage is the cost effectiveness of bulk transport. One container can hold up to 3 times more than the volume of water in packaging for end consumers.

Water is delivered absolutely fresh and without the risk of microbiological contamination due to high temperatures during transport and it is packed locally based on client demand. The bottling process is carried out in a strict hygienic environment, and the whole process of import and bottling water has been certified by ISO 22000 certification. Why do we export water from Iceland? Aqua Angels, low-mineralised, highly alkaline water with a high oxygen content, is not in any way artificially treated and this combination of composition is rather rare in the world. For our clients it is an important part of their lifestyle. We take care to honour the environmental-friendly approach to life, which is a natural part of Icelanders’ culture and life.

Aqua Angels products are valued by clients who are interested in lifestyle, design and new trends. Water quality, smart packaging, luxurious design and direct deliveries to households and businesses create strong relationships with customers.

The Aqua Angels brand and industrial design of the 11.3 litre barrel in a wooden crate are internationally registered and protected.