Aqua Angels gladly welcomes partners with fair-trade spirit, to become a part of European distribution. The partner will buy Aqua Angels products and sell them in respective territory.

We strive to bring excellent water into the lives of our clients in the best packaging and to provide them with quality service. Aqua Angels carefully selects places where it is available. Be it restaurants, hotels, health food shops, delicatessens or fine food shops.

The returnable glass barrel is a unique product protected by industrial design. The barrels are very popular with private clients at home, in offices, showrooms, clinics etc. Simply, wherever you like to indulge in high quality water that comes in environmentally friendly packaging and with a self-service system to help make it easier for us. A barrel on a Slim Cool dispenser is simply a beautiful accessory to the interior. Glass bottles in luxurious minimalist design are the perfect choice for interesting gastronomic concepts and quality retail shops. Permanent metal bottles and cans are original components of our portfolio and attract interest not only for their design.

Has the philosophy of our brand captured your interest? For more information, please contact the founder and CEO of Aqua Angels, Ivana Sankot, at