Terms of use

  1. General conditions and acceptation

    1. Aqua Angels EUROPE, s.r.o. (hereinafter the “Company”) issues this terms of use (hereinafter the “Terms”) of Web site www.aqua-angels.com (hereinafter the Web site).
    2. This Terms applies to all visitors of the Web site at any language mutation (hereinafter the “User” or “Users”).
    3. By entering, browsing and using the Web site the User expressly accepts the Terms and agrees to be abiding by the Terms.
  2. Ownership

    1. The Company owns or has rights to the entire Web site. Entire content of the Web site is protected by legal means of intellectual and industrial property.
    2. Nothing of the content of the Web site can be interpreted as granting of a licenses or rights to use anything of the contents of the Web site.
  3. Prohibited use

    1. The Web site is available for personal non-commercial use only, which shall be limited to viewing the Web site, providing information to the Web site and downloading product information for User’s personal review.
    2. Any other use of the Web site than the specified in article 3.1. above is strictly prohibited, unless the Company issues a written permission in advance.
  4. Personal data and information processing

    1. All personal data and information supplied by the User to the Web site are processed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, especially the Law on Personal Data Protection no. 101/2000 Coll. as amended.
    2. The Company is registered at The Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic under the reference number 00067349 / 001.
    3. By submitting the data and information to the Web site, the User declares and warrants that he is the owner of data and information, and that the Company will not violate any rights of any third party by processing them.
    4. The Company is not obligated to use the data and information provided.
  5. Disclaimer

    1. The User enters the Web site at his own risk and peril.
    2. All materials downloaded or otherwise acquired by the User during his visit to the Web site, are gained at his own risk.
    3. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company assumes no responsibility for any damage, injury or expense that could result from the visit and use the Website, or conversely due to impossibility to visit and use the Website.
    4. The Company does not accept any liability and responsibility for any damage, infection or attacks against User’s information systems.
  6. Final provisions

    1. The Company reserves the right to disable access to Web pages, at any time.
    2. The Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel any function of the Web site, at any time.
    3. In the event that any provision of the Terms contravene any legislation, such provision is considered to be inapplicable. All other provisions of the Terms remain valid and effective.
    4. The Terms are governed in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic.
    5. The Company reserves the right to change or modify the Terms, at any time.